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Located conveniently in Santa Clarita, Valencia, CA 91355
LashMi  is one of the best beauty salons in this area.
LashMi offers premier spa treatment services to satisfy your needs of enhancing natural beauty and refreshing your day.
Lashmi is a very distinctive beauty service boutique that specializes in lashes, brows, and skincare.

About The Artist
My name is Kate and I have a passion for all things beauty. I believe that beauty is reflected in the eyes, so much that I have made it my mission to create beautiful, healthy and natural-looking lashes. My obsession with beauty began over 15 years ago when I became a licensed aesthetician and nail artist. Since then I have built extensive experience in the beauty industry, with skin, makeup and nails being my specialty work. While I enjoy all things beauty, I have focused primarily on the art of volume eyelash extension for the past five years, allowing me to hone my skills and perfect my technique. Now I am excited to share that I have expanded my services to include permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal. This art is a perfect alternative beauty solution for my clients who desire soft, natural enhancements to their appearance. Perhaps you may not able to wear makeup due to allergies or skin sensitivities, or your busy life would benefit from reducing your morning beauty routine. Or, maybe you just find your hands aren’t steady enough, or that your eyesight makes makeup application difficult. The art of eyelash extension and permanent makeup artistry is constantly evolving and I am committed to staying current with the latest techniques and procedures; always expanding my skills. My obsession with these beauty techniques keeps me in a continuous state of learning. Whether it is in-class training by international master trainers, web-based training, I pursue the training I need to be able to tailor my skills and knowledge specific to what my clients need.

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